Ketron Audya

 Ketron Audya Styles

This is my review:

Ketron audya looks good, i like the silver color.

I like the accordion sound, the brass, and strat guitar,  i like the latin piano, and trumpets.

If you ask me i compared this with yamaha and korg. I must say, ketron soundcard its not   in the same quality level as Pa or yamaha. but it can be the best choice for some latin and country styles.

bachatas, chachacha, salsa are lovely on  ketron audya. because of the “in your face” kind of sample percussion pieces. so, if you are in a  latin kind of music, go for it.

Dont get too excited about real drums, and real guitars, because in the overall, styles become more boring to dance than midi based styles. with more noise coming out from the P.A.


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